Cybersecurity +

Professional Security Services

Penetration Tests

Our certified security analysts provide black-box penetration tests and white-box tests for web and mobile online applications, as well as security code audits. And our jobs do not end with the reports; on-going communication and knowledge transfer are also part of our service.

Security and Architectural Advice

Our Security Services team help organizations build secure-by-design systems. We can help design systems that make use of encryption and and trusted execution environment (TEE) technology to meet your cybersecurity needs.

Training and Consulting

Enyk delivers a range of information security training courses that range from corporate security awareness to secure software development. Our trainings focus on in-depth technical knowledge and hands-on experiences. Most classes size between 10 to 25 audiences.

Software Products


Move large files securely

Send files to anyone easily. Up to 10GB. End-to-end encrypted.

Secure seamless access

A universal platform for secure and frictionless sign-in.

Key management at scale

A cloud-native key management system leveraging Intel SGX technology.

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services team accelerates the deployment and integration of our products to reduce the time and internal resources to implement a reliable data protection solution.